Thomas Ernst - Fotografie für Presse, PR und Werbung
Thomas Ernst - Fotografie für Presse, PR und Werbung 

Already in the Renaissance artists have led a portfolio with themselves if they applied for places in academies or for orders. With the help of the samples of work contained in it they could show not only the quality of her work, but also, how have developed her skill in the course of the time.

Häcker in 2006, p. 27


You are looking for a photographer, who take pictures by your wishes ?

Then you look my samples of work on the different subjects and decide whether I am "the right man" for your next photographic challenge.


Thomas Ernst


wenn´s brennt:

+49 172 311 64 70


wenn´s noch Zeit hat:


wenn Wachssiegel, dann:

Bielefelder Straße 21,

10709 Berlin

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